David B. Lee and Pat Flanagan Awards

FW&PCOA Accepting Nominations
for the
David B. Lee and Pat Flanagan Awards 
Association to Present Awards at the
2016 Florida Water Resources Conference
Each year the Florida Water & Pollution Control Operators Association (FW&PCOA) presents awards at the Florida Water Resources Conference to honor water and wastewater treatment plant operators and an FW&PCOA associate member who exemplify the mission of the association.     These awards are the David B. Lee and Pat Flanagan Awards, respectively.

Perhaps you know of someone who is deserving of special recognition for their achievements.  If you do, the FW&PCOA encourages you to submit their name in nomination. 
Additional information on the awards and selection criteria, including application forms, may be found on the FW&PCOA Web site homepage.  To directly access the awards announcement and applications, please click on the following link: 

FW&PCOA Spring Awards Announcement

The FW&PCOA Awards Committee requests that nominations be submitted no later than

March 31, 2016
Please submit nominations to:
FW&PCOA Awards Committee
PO Box 813520
Hollywood, FL 33081-3520
Email: awards@fwpcoa.org