Editorial Calendar

The Florida Water Resources Journal is mailed on the first day of the issue month. Technical articles are scheduled well before each issue, and completed technical articles are due 60 days before the mail date (example: February 1 for the April issue). Non-technical news articles, notices, and announcements are due 30 days before the mail date (example: February 1 for the March issue).

Editorial Calendar:

January Wastewater Treatment
February Water Supply; Alternative Sources
March Energy Efficiency; Environmental Stewardship
April Conservation and Reuse
May Operations and Utilities Management; Florida Water Resources Conference
June Biosolids Management Bio-energy Production
July Stormwater Management Emerging Technologies, FWRC Review
August Disinfection; Water Quality
September Emerging Issues; Water Resources Management
October New Facilities, Expansions & Upgrades
November Water Treatment
December Distribution & Collection