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February, 2023

8 - The Significance of Spring Flow Reversals and Declines on the Surface and Groundwater Resources of the Middle Suwannee River Basin
36 - Water Quality Modeling and Alternatives Analysis for a New Peace River Intake

January, 2023

22 - Performance Evaluation of Cloth Disk Primary Filtration to Increase Carbon Diversion Toward Net-Zero Water Resource Recovery Facilities

December, 2022

14 - A Model to Identify Future Treatment Needs to Minimize Disinfection Byproduct Formation
32 - An Innovative Septic Phaseout Program

November, 2022

14 - Integration of a Distribution System Tracer Study Into a Water Quality Model to Control Disinfection Byproducts in a Potable Water System
42 - Case Study to Reduce Lead and Copper Corrosion Through Water Quality Optimization and Control of Nitrification

October, 2022

14 - Suspended Ion Exchange: City of Tampa Demonstrates Exciting Alternative for Total Organic Carbon Removal

May, 2022

48 - Surviving Ransomware Attacks: Prevention and Recovery for Water and Wastewater Control Systems

April, 2022

36 - Cities Collaborating to Build Resilience and Leverage Funding

March, 2022

40 - Evaluation of Mixing, Mass Transfer, Operation and Maintenance, Energy, and Material Requirements for Hydrogen Sulfide Oxidation at the Orlando Utilities Commission Water Treatment Plants

February, 2022

16 - Addressing a 10-?g/L Lead Trigger Level for a Blended Water Supply by Evaluating Alternative Corrosion Control Inhibitors

January, 2022

8 - A Holistic Approach to Headworks Design: A Case Study of the St. Augustine Wastewater Treatment Plant No. 1 Headworks Rehabilitation
44 - To Expand or Intensify? Chattanooga's Anaerobic Digestion Question

December, 2021

14 - Open Cut High-Density Polyethylene Pipe Installations per Updates in the Second Edition of AWWA Manual M55
32 - A More Perfect Union: Improving Design Through Distribution System Modeling

November, 2021

42 - Investigating Bromide Leakage During Anion Exchange Regeneration

October, 2021

8 - Guidelines for Use of Mini-Horizontal Directional Drilling for Placement of High-Density Polyethylene Pipe for Water Applications
40 - Developing Effective Funding Strategies for Compliance With the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions
55 - Realizing the Benefits of Process Advisory Digital Twins for Water, Wastewater, and Reuse

September, 2021

36 - Miami Forever: Stormwater and Coastal Resilience for a Changing Climate

August, 2021

6 - Improving Water Quality for an Island Community
46 - Rapid Design and Construction of a Membrane Water Treatment Plant to Treat Water Quality Issues

July, 2021

24 - Hillsborough County's Innovative Pipe Inspection Program Adds Efficiency and Accuracy

June, 2021

6 - Anaerobic Codigestion of Food Waste to Increase Methane Yields

May, 2021

32 - Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Master Planning: How One Utility Focused Planning Efforts to Improve the Return on Investment of Its Existing System

April, 2021

16 - Natural Contaminant Attenuation During Reclaimed Water Aquifer Recharge in Destin
32 - Adaptation in the Face of Adversity: The Persistent Trend of Membranes in Water Reuse

March, 2021

10 - Facing Sea Level Rise, Miami Beach Uses Geographic Information Systems to Prioritize Flood Mitigation Projects

February, 2021

4 - A Roadmap to Modeling a Source Water System
30 - Direct Potable Reuse as a Tool for Revitalizing Brackish Groundwater Desalination Facilities: Water Quality and Operations
40 - Breaking Through Cost Barriers Associated With Developing an Alternative Water Supply by Integrating With an Existing Treatment System

January, 2021

4 - Selection 2020: Village of Wellington Votes for an Anaerobic Selector to Achieve Sludge Volume Index and Phosphorous Control
42 - Low-Cost Operating Modifications and Supplemental Carbon Automation to Achieve a Future Nitrogen Permit at a Florida Municipal Facility

December, 2020

18 - Proactive Emergency: Replacing Daytona Beach's Most Critical Water Pipe
36 - Providing Resiliency in the Operation of a Transmission System

November, 2020

12 - Operation and Maintenance Comparative Assessment of Colocated Nanofiltration, Lime Softening, and Low-Pressure Reverse Osmosis Systems at the Norwood Water Treatment Plant
34 - The Role of Corrosion Indices in Establishing Effective Corrosion Control Treatment
44 - Lime Softening - the Forgotten Technology: Optimization Case Studies From South Florida

October, 2020

8 - Hillsborough County Wet Well Dilemma: Fall Protection Evaluation and Implementation at Its Pump Stations
28 - A Method to Reduce Adverse Gassing Effects in Hypochlorite Pumping Systems
44 - Annual Inflow and Infiltration Mitigation Planning Keeps the City of Altamonte Springs Poised to Handle Storm Events

September, 2020

6 - Preparing for the Lead and Copper Rule Long-Term Revisions
23 - Carbon Dioxide Treatment Revives Wellfield Performance in Collier County
42 - Biochar-Amended Modified Bioretention Systems for Livestock Runoff Nutrient Management

August, 2020

28 - Dealing With Widespread Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances Contamination

July, 2020

16 - Reuse, Reduce, Recharge, Restore, and Recreate: Ocala Wetland Park
34 - Caloosahatchee River West Basin Storage Reservoir: Geographic Information System Applications for Quality Assurance and Quality Control

June, 2020

16 - Optimizing Two-Stage Anaerobic Digestion via Recycle From an Aerobic Digester
34 - Using Performance Contracts for Biosolids/Bioenergy Project Delivery

May, 2020

6 - Minimize Your Footprint and Maintenance Headaches With Self-Cleaning Trench-Type Wet Well Design
24 - Utilizing Nondestructive Testing for Large Ductile Iron Force Main and Air Release Valve Evaluation
50 - Demystifying Intelligent Water: Realizing the Value of Change With Advanced Asset Management

April, 2020

14 - Under Pressure: Developing a Residential Reuse System
40 - Water Balance and Hydraulic Analysis: Maximizing the Beneficial Use of Reclaimed Water Through Seasonal Changes and Growth

March, 2020

18 - Turn Emergency Engine-Generator Assets Into Revenue Sources
36 - Achieving a Reduced Energy Bill:From Planning to Implementation
54 - Carbon Diversion and its Role in Energy Efficiency

February, 2020

16 - Regional Approach to Alternative Water Supply Planning and Funding is a Win-Win for Central Florida Stakeholders
40 - Purified Water Production: A Research and Development Plant Operator's Perspective
58 - North Hillsborough Aquifer Recharge Project Expands Saltwater Intrusion Barrier

January, 2020

4 - Evaluating Innovative Blower Technologies With “Low-Speed” Turbo Units
22 - It’s Screen Time: Largest Headworks Design Under Construction in Florida!
51 - Optimize Your Headworks System Design Through Onsite Testing: How Treatment Plant Operators Can Improve Process Protection and Reduce Expenditures by Selecting Optimal Screen Equipment

December, 2019

22 - Disruptive Technology Supports Resiliency and Certifies Inflow and Infiltration Compliance
32 - Is Your Wastewater Collection System Model Stressed - In a Good Way?
40 - From Coast To Coast, What Florida's Largest Utilities are Doing About Inflow and Infiltration
54 - Odor and Corrosion Mitigation Strategies for a Complex Large-Diameter Interceptor System

November, 2019

6 - How the Sawgrass Water Treatment Plant Gained Five Benefits With One Project
28 - Magnetic Ion Exchange as a Pretreatment Step at a Surface Water Treatment Plant With Seasonally Variable Water Quality
44 - Increase Safety and Reliability by Making the Ammonia Source Switch
54 - Looking Ahead: Selecting Membranes With Water Quality Degradation in Mind

October, 2019

8 - Wastewater Treatment Capacity Strategy to Meet Projected Growth
26 - How a Growing Asset Management Program Helped to Identify the Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Replacement Needs for the Tampa Water Department
46 - The Environmentally Sensitive Force Main Replacement for Boca Ciega Bay: Taming Horizontal Directional Drilling Technology

September, 2019

8 - Caught in the Balance: Capital Improvement Planning to Integrate Traditional and Alternative Water Supply Sources
14 - Purified Water Technology Evaluation Project: Results, Findings, Next Steps

August, 2019

6 - Groundwater Nanofiltration Plant Addresses Color and Disinfection Byproducts for Flagler County
30 - The Unique Raw Water Supply Distribution System at the Heart of a Total Water Management Plan
48 - Wastewater Chlorination Systems: A Holistic Approach Toward Design and Construction

July, 2019

6 - Can the Cost of Smart Meters be Offset by Insurance Benefits to Customers?
64 - Optimizing Wellfield Performance Through Smart Analytics: The Smart Wellfield

June, 2019

14 - Understanding Design Standards and Codes for Biogas Systems
24 - Selecting an Advanced Anaerobic Digestion Configuration and Biogas Management Strategy for the City of Tampa
40 - Overcoming Obstacles with a Difficult-to-Handle Sludge: Centrifuge Piloting at Miami’s Central District Wastewater Treatment Plant

May, 2019

16 - Hillsborough County Maintenance Shop Submersible Pump Motor Testing Improvements
40 - Sunburned: West Palm Beach Water Treatment Plant Digs Deep to Make Room for Ultraviolet Disinfection Process

April, 2019

1 - Lake City Treatment Wetland: Water Quality Performance and Operation
24 - Potable Reuse Pilots and Demonstrations: A Review of Flow, Treatment, and Costs
48 - Wet Weather Reuse Management Needs Wetlands

March, 2019

6 - A Synergistic Approach to Net-Zero Resource Recovery Facilities: A Success Story and Innovations at Hermitage Municipal Authority

February, 2019

36 - Testing Partially Treated Surface Water for Aquifer Storage and Recovery at the Peace River Facility
48 - Innovative Disposal of Reverse Osmosis Concentrate in Central Florida
56 - Toho Water Authority’s Unique Approach to Pricing Irrigation Water
62 - A Unique Alternative Water Supply in the Central Florida Water Initiative Area: The Judge Farms Project

January, 2019

6 - Welcoming Activated Granular Sludge to the United States
16 - Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal During Simultaneous Nitrification and Denitrification in an Oxidation Ditch
32 - Use of Modeling for Optimization of Activated Sludge Process Design
50 - Can High-Strength Reverse Osmosis Concentrate Be Accepted Into
a Wastewater Treatment Plant?

December, 2018

8 - Capital Improvement Program Forecasting to Analytically Target Distressed Infrastructure
2018 - Use of Precorroded Linear Polarization Probes and Coupons for Conducting Corrosion Control Studies

November, 2018

4 - Localized Treatment for Reduction of Disinfection Byproducts
30 - Ozone and Chloramines: A Proven Combination at Conventional and Lime Softening Plants
48 - Is Onsite Sodium Hypochlorite Generation Your Disinfection Solution?

October, 2018

6 - Big Bubble Mixing Enhances Biological Nutrient Removal Performance in a Unique Modified Four-Stage Facility
22 - Evaluation and Installation of a Thermochemical Hydrolysis Process at the Kenosha Wastewater Treatment Plant
30 - Pressure Pipe Condition Assessment Technology Evaluation

September, 2018

8 - The Evolution of Master Planning: Integrated Planning for the City of St. Petersburg
30 - Harmful Algal Bloom Control Using Recycled Concrete Aggregate Coated With Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
40 - Water Balanced: A Fairer Allocation Method for Florida’s Water

August, 2018

4 - Groundwater Nanofiltration Plant Addresses Color and Disinfection Byproducts for Flagler County
16 - Dialing Down Disinfection Byproducts With Chlorine Dioxide Pre-Oxidation
36 - Can Machine Learning and Geostatistics Overcome Lack of Data in Assessing Recovery of Water Levels and Ecological Conditions at Unmonitored Wetlands and Lakes?

July, 2018

40 - Caloosahatchee River West Basin Storage Reservoir Design and Construction
58 - Improving Sarasota County Water Resources: Dona Bay Watershed Restoration Program

June, 2018

30 - Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Sludge Thickening and Dewatering Centrifuge Pilot Studies at Two of the Southeast’s Largest Wastewater Treatment Plants

May, 2018

8 - The Maintenance of Change: Developing Electronic Tools for a Dynamic Sustainable Asset Management System
24 - Human Capital Improvement Program: Sanford’s Vertical Training Plan
38 - State-of-the-Art Tools and Techniques for Multidisciplinary Condition Assessments

April, 2018

12 - Tampa Augmentation Project
38 - Can Reclaimed Water to Wetlands Serve as Alternative Wet Weather Discharge?

March, 2018

8 - Sustainability and the Water-Energy Nexus
46 - Harnessing Energy From Biosolids
46 - Harnessing Energy From Biosolids

February, 2018

4 - Fiberglass Pipe Helps Solve the World’s Drinking Water Shortage
24 - A Reservoir in Your Future: A Real-World Evaluation of a Reservoir for Supplemental Irrigation Water for the City of Cape Coral W. Kirk Martin, Roger Copp, and Jody Sorrels
52 - Reclaimed Water Aquifer Storage and Recovery System: Update on a Groundbreaking System in Florida

January, 2018

6 - New Solution for Primary Wastewater Treatment: Cloth Media Filtration
22 - Fate and Transport Potential of Phosphorus in Sandy Soils Under Long-Term Municipal Wastewater Irrigation
42 - Sidestream Biological Phosphorus Removal: The New Frontier

December, 2017

14 - New Technology for Biofilm Removal and Hydrogen Sulfide Control in Sewer Lines: Lake Nona Trial
28 - Low-Impact Wastewater Collection System Reduces Nutrient Loads in Vero Beach
44 - City of Port St. Lucie Asbestos Cement Pipe Bursting: A Programmatic Approach

November, 2017

7 - Progressive Color Control: Boynton Beach's High-Rate Fluidized IX System
22 - Chlorine Dioxide Treatment for Disinfection Byproduct Reduction
38 - Biologically Active Filtration for Taste and Odor Control at Lake Manatee Water Treatment Plant
48 - Review of Packed Bed Ion Exchange for Total Activated Carbon and Color Removal in Florida Groundwater Over the Last 15 Years

October, 2017

14 - Truck Shots and Over the Hole: Rehabbing a Force Main in West Palm Beach
26 - Boca Raton’s Proactive Pressure Pipe Renewal Program

September, 2017

4 - The Cybersecurity Framework and its Use by Water and Wastewater Utilities
22 - Climate Adaption and Resilience for Miami-Dade County Wastewater Treatment Plants

August, 2017

4 - How to Use Advanced Modeling and Animation to Evaluate Water Quality Improvements
12 - Achieving Simultaneous Total Organic Carbon Removal and Clarification Under Alkaline Conditions
32 - Rising Tides and Sinking Brines: Managing the Threat of Salt Water Intrusion
48 - Flint’s Path From Crisis to Distribution System Optimization

July, 2017

34 - Finding Sources of Fecal Coliform Bacteria in Stormwater Runoff: The Importance of Nonfecal Origins

June, 2017

10 - Starting From Scratch: Commissioning the First Thermal Hydrolysis Fed Digesters in North America
34 - Lessons Learned From Start-Up of a Codigestion Process

May, 2017

6 - Systemwide Documentation to Prepare for Disaster Recovery
12 - How to Comply With Numeric Nutrient Criteria and Facilitate Permit Renewal
24 - Using a Measured Framework to Plan and Implement an Asset Management Program
40 - The People Side of Asset Management: How Assets are Really Managed

April, 2017

6 - Findings of a Statewide Evaluation and the Long-Term Implications for the Future of Water Reuse
12 - Innovative Potable Water Saving Techniques at Cape Coral
38 - Reuse Evolution: Operational and Hydraulic Improvements for Pasco County

March, 2017

38 - Sustainable Solutions for the 21st Century: Integration of Water Treatment Systems With Energy From Municipal Wastes
52 - Waste Not, Watt Not: Considerations for Codigestion and Cogeneration Implementation
64 - Under Pressure: Hydrothermal Liquefaction and the Fast Lane to Resource Recovery
64 - Under Pressure: Hydrothermal Liquefaction and the Fast Lane to Resource Recovery

February, 2017

4 - City of Tampa Augmentation Project
16 - Aquifer Storage and Recovery System Enhancement Through Reduced Operating and Capital Costs
34 - Who Needs Pretreatment? Not Orange County Utilities’ Operational Aquifer Storage and Recovery
46 - Water Quality and Supply Issues? There’s A Wetland for That!

January, 2017

24 - An Overview of Innovative Technologies: Can They Provide Benefits to Florida Water Resource Recovery Facilities?

December, 2016

6 - Using Acoustics to Prioritize Sewer Cleaning Activity in Hillsborough County
32 - Utilizing Pressure to Put the Logic Back in Variable-Frequency Drive Controls
50 - Innovative Cost-Effective Noninvasive Ultrasonic Testing for Utility Replacement
54 - Horizontal or Vertical? High-Service Pump Selection

November, 2016

50 - A Systematic Approach for Addressing Total Maximum Daily Loads Along the Halifax River

October, 2016

8 - Prioritizing Well Rehabilitation With a Well Condition Survey
18 - Hillsborough County Pump Station Rehabilitation Program
32 - Not Enough Space—Now What? Rehabilitation of the Krause Pumping Station in Tampa

September, 2016

26 - Proactive Risk Management: Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Mitigation Support for Climate Resiliency
38 - Reservoirs: Florida’s Future Sustainable Water Supply
46 - Integrated Water Resources Planning in Pinellas County

August, 2016

24 - Pioneering Ultraviolet Treatment of Potable Water From High-Organic Surface Water in Florida

July, 2016

36 - Water Resources Master Plan for Lowry Park Zoo
66 - New Technologies and Split Treatment Result in Increased Production Capacity and Improved System Performance for Clearwater

June, 2016

6 - Cause-and-Effect Study of Biofermentation: A Novel Biosolids Residuals Point Source Reduction Technology
22 - Process Control Strategies for Biological Nutrient Removal in an Oxidation Ditch

May, 2016

4 - Benefits of Implementing a Computer-Centric Infrastructure Information System: City of Cocoa Utilities Department Case Study
24 - Water and Wastewater System Security: A Technical Analysis
38 - Keeping Wastewater in the Pipe and Your Utility Out of the News

April, 2016

6 - The Next Generation of Data-Driven Demand Management: Long-Range Planning for Revenue Stability
20 - Where Wastewater Treatment Ends and Drinking Water Begins: Evaluating the Viability of Potable Reuse in Florida
28 - Capacity Benefit Calculator Models Cost Savings from Capital Deferment
42 - Developing Potable Reuse for El Paso, Texas: The Most Direct Approach
48 - Potable Reuse: The Regulatory Context for Florida and the U.S.

March, 2016

4 - Environmental Stewardship Through a Public/Private Partnership in Atlantic Beach
18 - Wastewater Ephemeralization: Achieving Better Treatment with Less Energy and Chemicals
26 - Replacing Membranes To Save Energy at City Of Vero Beach Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Facility
42 - Water Transmission and Energy/Storage Optimization Study

February, 2016

32 - A Challenging Site for Aquifer Recharge: Keystone Heights Rapid Infiltration Basins Feasibility Study
42 - Leveraging Conjunctive Use to Develop a Cost-Effective Regional Alternative Water Supply Project
50 - Under Drought Conditions, Use of Analytical and Modeling Methodologies Helps an Indirect Potable Reuse Project Move Forward
56 - Optimizing Existing Facilities to Provide Additional Capacity at Low Cost

January, 2016

12 - Stable Attraction: How to Cheat the Activated Sludge Process for Additional Capacity Using the Magnetite-Ballasted Mixed Liquor Process
22 - Paynes Prairie Sheetflow Restoration Project: Navigating Numeric Nutrient Criteria Without Getting Stranded Up the Creek
34 - Full-Scale Demonstration of a Ballasted Treatment System for Capacity Expansion
42 - Phosphorus Removal From Wastewater via Chemical Process With Stoichiometric and pH Solubility Control

December, 2015

4 - Pipe Bursting: The Preferential Method for Replacing Existing Asbestos Cement Pipelines
26 - Real-Time Collection System Monitoring: Saving Money, Protecting the Environment, and Improving Your Public Image
44 - Polyethylene Encasement for External Corrosion Control for Iron Pipelines
60 - Investigating Critical Infrastructure With Limited Access

November, 2015

4 - Reverse Osmosis Post-Treatment Stabilization Utilizing Liquid Lime
20 - Responding to a New Years Day Water Treatment Crisis for a Surface Water
44 - City of Sunrise Achieves Alternate Raw Water Supply With Existing Source Infrastructure

October, 2015

28 - Do You Happen to Have a Place to Store 500 MG of Reclaimed Water?
38 - Keys to Successful Sewer Rehabilitation

September, 2015

4 - Aquifer Storage and Recovery: Exploring a Real Solution for Reclaimed Water Supply Needs
32 - Statistical Analysis of Automatic Meter Reading in the Multifamily Sector

August, 2015

12 - Sequential Chlorination and Chloramination: Cost-Effective Disinfection Methods for Reclaimed Water Aquifer Recharge
34 - Water Quality Compatibility Challenges in a Southwest Florida Regional System: Comprehensive Data Review and Tools to Predict Water Quality
46 - What Has Been Learned in the First Two Years of the Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule 3?

July, 2015

32 - Computational Challenges of Flow Driven by Low-Head Differential in Stormwater Treatment Areas
40 - Energy Recovery in Desalination: Returning Alternative Water Supplies to Consideration
62 - Alternatives for Beach Stormwater Outfalls: Preliminary Assessment for City of Naples

June, 2015

4 - A Biosolids Public-Private Partnership Success Story in Charlotte County
12 - Comprehensive Evaluation of Dewatering Alternatives for the City of Fort Myers
38 - A Biosolids Public-Private Partnership Success Story in Charlotte County

May, 2015

8 - Strategies for Sustainable Construction Using a Unique Rating System: A Case Study
22 - Priorities: Getting the Most From Your Capital Improvement Plan
42 - Wastewater Treatment Cost Reduction: Stabilizing Chlorine Demand in Wastewater Effluent

April, 2015

16 - Is Water Conservation an Effective Alternative Water Supply Solution? North Florida Case Study
24 - Reuse Water Reservoirs Help Meet Nitrogen Total Maximum Daily Load: Do Floating Wetland Islands Help?
40 - Estimating District wide Water Conservation: St. Johns River Water Management Districts Estimation Tool

March, 2015

4 - Energy Efficiency Master Planning: A Florida Utility Case Study
12 - How do I Begin to Implement an Energy Management Program for my Utility?
41 - Energy Recovery Case Studies for Brackish Water Membrane Treatment Systems

February, 2015

4 - Alternative Technologies for Indirect Potable Reuse in Southeast Florida
15 - Reclaimed Water Storage: A Dirty Little Secret
32 - Groundwater Replenishment Performance and Operations: Lessons Learned During Clearwaters One-Year Pilot
52 - Lessons Learned in Operation of an Aboveground Reservoir at the Peace River Facility

January, 2015

4 - Got A Permit Renewal? Facing Shifting Regulations Using Collaborative Permitting
20 - Immokalee Water and Sewer District: Case Study of Effective Biosolids Management
30 - Dont Pass on the Gas: More Bang for Your Biogas Buck
48 - You Dont Know What Youre Missing: Designing a Grit Removal System That Works
58 - Continuous Rotating Belt Filtration for Primary Treatment and Combined Sewer Overflows

December, 2014

10 - Providing Sewer Service to Commercial Properties in Miami-Dade County
22 - Cost-Effective Pipe Cleaning for Improved Water Quality
42 - Surge Protections: Modeling vs. Design vs. Construction

November, 2014

10 - Construction Manager At-Risk Implementation for a Water Treatment Plant Granular Activated Carbon Filtration Project
24 - Disinfection Byproduct Formation Potential Reduction and Hydrogen Sulfide Treatment Using Ozone
34 - Effects of Backwash Water and Chemical Addition on Biofiltration
46 - Treatment of Organic-Laden Surface Water for Total Organic Carbon

October, 2014

10 - Phased Control Allows Lake Wales to Achieve Outstanding Effluent Quality and Nitrate Removal from an Existing Oxidation Ditch Basin
18 - Sustainable Aeration Design: Right-Sizing Aeration Systems and Other Methods to Facilitate Energy Efficient Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants

September, 2014

6 - City of Daytona Beach Utilizes Glycerol in a Unique Application for Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal
12 - Innovative Methods to Assess Water Main Risk and Improve Replacement Planning Decisions
24 - Developing a Surface Water Resiliency Model for the 21st Century
40 - Lake Marden Augmentation Capacity Rerating: A Water Resources Success!

August, 2014

32 - Calibrated Hydraulic and Water Quality Model Predictions Merge with Break History for an Innovative Approach to Prioritizing Water Main Replacement
44 - Distribution System Water Quality Models Support Treatment Process Decisions

July, 2014

4 - Improving Drinking Water Plant Performance and Regulatory Compliance via Chemical Control Optimization
14 - Design Guidelines for Detention With Biofiltration
28 - Reclaimed Water and Stormwater: A Perfect Pair to Meet Total Maximum Daily Load Wasteload Allocations?
38 - Removal of Biochemical Oxygen Demand via Biological Contact and Ballasted Clarification for Wet Weather
2014 - Meeting Multiple Objectives in Stormwater Treatment at Freedom Park

June, 2014

4 - How Will Nutrient Management Planning Impact Biosolids Land Application?
44 - Waste Activated Sludge Pretreatment to Boost Volatile Solids Reduction and Digester Gas Production: Market and Technology Assessment

May, 2014

20 - Money From Nothing: Value-Engineering Utility Regulatory Burden to Substantially Lower Costs
30 - A Managers Paradigm: Too Much Water and Limited Water Supplies

April, 2014

6 - Year One of Smart Controller Implementation in Orange County
24 - Florida Automated Water Conservation Estimation Tool Overview
56 - Ion Exchange and Disposal Issues Associated With the Brine Waste Stream

March, 2014

4 - Energy Conservation and Performance Contracting: An Alternative Funding Mechanism for Wastewater Infrastructure Needs
28 - The Sustainability Hat Trick: Reclaimed Water, Pelletization of Biosolids, and Biogas to Energy
48 - Coming Full Circle: Moving Wastewater Treatment Plants Toward Energy Neutrality

February, 2014

16 - An Innovative and Cost-Effective Solution for Updating Reclaimed Filter Needs
36 - Providing Minimum Flows to the Lower Hillsborough River and Sulphur Springs Run While Minimizing Impacts to Tampas Potable Water Supply
50 - Have We Been Here Before?: Hindcasting Lake Levels for Minimum Flows and Levels Evaluations Using a Rainfall Decay Model
60 - The Environmental and Economic Benefits of Blending Nanofiltration Concentrate Water With Reclaimed Water as a Method of Disposal

January, 2014

6 - Reducing Operating Costs Through Treatment Optimization: Tampa's Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant Experience
12 - Starting Up an Underloaded Biological Nutrient Removal Process
30 - Removing One of the I's from Infiltration and Inflow
40 - Incorporation of High-Level Ultraviolet Disinfection to Meet Stringent Effluent Discharge Disinfection Byproducts Limits
52 - Separate or Combined Sidestream Treatment: That is the Question
62 - Getting More Out of Activated Sludge Plants by Using a BioMag Process

December, 2013

6 - City of West Palm Beach Makes Priority Improvements to Aging Water Treatment Plant
22 - Controlling Nitrification Within Pinellas County's Ground Storage Tanks
43 - On-Line Water Quality Monitoring for Distribution System Operational Improvements And Security

November, 2013

4 - Comparing Aluminum and Iron Coagulants to Remove Organic Carbon, Color, and Turbidity from a Florida Slough
12 - Engineered Biofiltration for Drinking Water Treatment: Optimizing Strategies to Enhance Performance
28 - Bench-Scale Evaluation of Chlorine-Ammonia Process for Bromate Control During Ozonation
38 - Dynamic Operation of Ultrafiltration Membranes for Potable Water Production

October, 2013

14 - Applicability of National Emissions Standards to Rehabilitate Asbestos-Cement Pipelines
28 - Rx for Aging Infrastructure: Orange County Utilities Renewal and Replacement Program
39 - Ozonation of Reverse Osmosis Permeate For Sulfide Control: Clearwater's New Water Treatment Plant Approach
46 - New Path to Permitting Aquifer Storage and Recovery Systems in Florida

September, 2013

6 - Integrated Water Resource Planning: Using All of the Puzzle Pieces
24 - Optimizing a Community's Fresh and Brackish Water Supplies With an Aeration, Ion-Exchange, and Reverse Osmosis Treatment Portfolio
38 - JEA Main Street Water Treatment Plant: A Balance of Treatment, Rehabilitation, Project Delivery, and Cost
48 - Dania Beach Goes Gold with Nanofiltration Plant

August, 2013

10 - Optimizing Water Management in Waste-To-Energy Through Water Conservation And Efficiency
16 - City of Clearwater's Groundwater Replenishment Program of Direct Recharge to the Aquifer Using Purified Reclaimed Water
32 - Tampa Bay Water: How Development and Use of a Comprehensive Demand Management Plan Affects Future Planning Efforts
43 - St. Johns River Water Management District Agricultural Irrigation and Conservation Benefit-Cost Optimization Tool for Mega Model Area

July, 2013

26 - Harvesting Stormwater for Reuse Augmentation: A Regional Collaborative Approach in Osceola County
46 - Managing the Other Advanced Sewage Treatment Systems: An Assessment of Florida's Aerobic Treatment Units and Similar On-Site Sewage Treatment Systems

June, 2013

4 - How Sidestream Phosphate Removal can Benefit Biosolids Management Programs in Florida's Nutrient-Sensitive Watersheds
16 - Odor Control at Wastewater Treatment Plants: A Significant Shift in Odor Objectives
38 - Extractive Nutrient Recovery is a Mature Option for Managing Phosphorus in Sidestreams

May, 2013

8 - Preparing for Rate Studies and Bond Financings: Is Your Utility Ready?
14 - Getting to the Bottom Line: How to Implement a Master Plan's Capital Improvement Plan With Linkage to a Financial Model
42 - Revenue Recovery: How to Ensure You're Billing for Everything Your Customers Use
58 - Optimizing Lean Operations and Achieving Condition-Based Maintenance With Integrated Human-Machine Interface and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

April, 2013

14 - Tools for Evaluating and Managing Distribution System Water Quality
22 - Using Concentrate as a Feed Water to Clearwaters New Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant
30 - Design of Treatment Wetlands to Improve Everglades Water Quality
38 - Evaluating Options for Bromodichloromethane Reduction Through Bench-Scale and Pilot Testing for a Wastewater Treatment Facility
50 - Dissolved Oxygen Control Based in Real-Time Oxygen Uptake Rate Estimation

March, 2013

4 - Energy Conservation and Performance Contracting: An Alternative Funding Mechanism for Wastewater Infrastructure Needs
28 - The Sustainability Hat Trick: Reclaimed Water, Pelletization of Biosolids, and Biogas To Energy
48 - Coming Full Circle: Moving Wastewater Treatment Plants Toward Energy Neutrality

February, 2013

20 - An Alternative Approach to Regaining Designated Uses of Clean Water Act Section 303(D) Impaired Waters
35 - No Sweetener in Your Stormwater, but What About Your Reclaimed Water?
54 - Prototype for a Reclaimed Water Aquifer Storage Recovery System: Benefits and Operational Experiences

January, 2013

8 - Wastewater Treatment Plants of the Future: Current Trends Shape Future Plans
54 - Going Beyond Steady-State Wastewater System Modeling in Sarasota County: A Case for Extended-Period Simulation

December, 2012

4 - Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe Rehabilitation, Repair, and Replacement: Large Diameter Success Stories
16 - A Matrix Approach to Prioritizing a Sewer Collection System Capital Improvement Plan
28 - Innovative and Cost-Effective Ways to Improve Water Quality Using Distribution System Models
38 - Water Quality Modeling Targets and Innovative Nitrification Strategies for City of St. Petersburg
52 - Using Water Quality Modeling as a Decision Making Tool to Plan Distribution System Improvements for Pinellas County Utilities

November, 2012

10 - The Canary in a Membrane Process: An Alternative for Scale Monitoring
36 - Seminole County Markham Regional Water Treatment Plant: Regulatory Compliance Considerations, Treatment Challenges, and Solutions
48 - Water Treatment Lime Residuals and Cement Kilns: Lower Disposal Costs and Beneficial Reuse
56 - Effectiveness of Periodic Breakpoint Chlorination on Distribution System Nitrification Control for Pinellas County Utilities

October, 2012

8 - Money Saving Ideas from the North Lee County Reverse Osmosis Plant Expansion Project
20 - Successful Clarifier Rehabilitation: Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling, Performance Specifications, and Compliance to Save Money
26 - Performance Validation of a Shell Media Biological Odor Control System
42 - Evaluating In-Plant Infrastructure Corrosion After Replacing Lime Softening With Nanofiltration and Blending With Reverse Osmosis and Ion-Exchange Process Water

September, 2012

10 - Aquifer Recharge Through Direct Injection: Geochemical Considerations
22 - Florida Brackish Water and Seawater Desalination: Challenges and Opportunities
46 - Comparison of Costs and Operational Requirements for an Off-Stream Raw Water Storage Reservoir and an Aquifer Storage and Recovery System at the Peace River Water Treatment Facility

August, 2012

16 - Eliminating or Delaying Capital Improvements with Water Conservation: Miami-Dade Water Facilities Master Plan
28 - Pembroke Pines Explores Aquifer Recharge as a Cost-Effective Alternative Water Supply Strategy
52 - The St. Johns River Water Management District Comparative Account Water Conservation Linear Programming and Web-Based Implementation Tracking Tool

July, 2012

32 - Emergence of Forward Osmosis and Pressure-Retarded Osmotic Processes for Drinking Water Treatment

June, 2012

4 - Enhanced Residuals Treatment Helps Tampa Bay Water Regional Surface Water Treatment Plant Achieve Total Recycling
18 - Biosolids Dewatering Alternatives for Orange County
40 - Biogas Cogeneration System Sizing and Payback Based on Weekly Patterns of Anaerobic Digestion and Biosolids Dryer Operation

May, 2012

28 - Utilizing The Engineer-Procure-Construction Management Procurement Process To Get A Bang Without Going Bust
38 - Depreciation Expense Versus Renewal and Replacement: Differences Between Accounting Depreciation and Actual Cash Flow Needs
70 - Remote Facility Condition Inspections and Subsequent Integration into the City of St. Petersburgs Asset Management Program
80 - Membrane Bioreactor Energy Consumption: Helping Utilities Understand And Manage Cost Savings
89 - SCADA: Shrinking Costs and Delivering Efficiencies

April, 2012

4 - Disinfection with Liquid Sodium Hypochlorite: Principles, Methods, and Lessons Learned
16 - Optimizing Four-Log Virus Treatment with Chemical Disinfection Relative to the Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproducts Rule
32 - Stage 2 DBP Considerations: Comparison of DBP Formation and Treatment Efficiencies for Different Source Waters
40 - Operation Requirements for Membrane Processes: Differences Between Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis/Nanofiltration
46 - Sequential Chlorination to Control Disinfection Byproducts and Meet Stringent Disinfection Requirements at the Kanapaha Water Reclamation Facility

March, 2012

14 - Doing More with Less: Improving Effluent Quality, Reducing Energy Costs, and Managing Water Resources
32 - Where is the Power to Treat all the Water? Potential Utility-Driven Solutions to the Coming PowerWater Conflict

February, 2012

34 - Stormwater Harvesting for Alternative Water Supply in Volusia County
46 - Source Water Investigation for the Coquina Coast Seawater Desalination Project

January, 2012

4 - Combining Stress Testing and Dynamic Linking of Whole-Plant Simulators and Computational Fluid Dynamics for the Evaluation of Wastewater Treatment Plant Wet Weather Capacity
22 - Overcoming Hydraulic Limitations of the Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge and Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor Process
36 - Success Story: How to Include a Wastewater Treatment Plant Backup Discharge into Total Maximum Daily Loads Documents
44 - Nutrient Removal Enhancement Using Process Automation at Holly Hill

December, 2011

4 - Waste Not, Want Not! Low-Cost Solutions to Minimizing DBP Formation in Underutilized Potable Water Systems Through Hydraulic Modeling and System Operation
16 - Evaluation of Corrosion Inhibitors, Residual, Temperature, and Pipe Material on Bulk and Biofilm Heterotrophic Plate Counts Densities
30 - Putting Distribution System Modeling Results to Work
42 - Controlling Nitrification in a Distribution System Receiving Blended Multiple Source Waters: The Experience of Pinellas County Utilities

November, 2011

4 - The Impacts of Salinity on Reuse Irrigation
12 - Pilot Testing of a New Ultrafiltration Membrane for Treatment of Manatee Countys Surface Water Supply
42 - Innovative Concepts to Meet Irrigation Demands

October, 2011

10 - Right-Sizing the Design of Ozone Generators for Multiple Plant Upgrades in Orlando
21 - A Side Story: Design Considerations of a Sidestream Ozone Injection System
31 - The Use of Mini-Horizontal Directional Drilling for Placement of HDPE Pipe in Water Applications

September, 2011

8 - Technologies To Meet Numeric Nutrient Criteria
16 - Response by the Residential Sector to Phase III Drought Restrictions of 2008 in Suburban Portions of Collier County
36 - Effects of Sea Level Rise and Other Climate Change Impacts on Southeast Floridas Water Resources
49 - Overview of EZ Guide for Water Conservation Evaluations

August, 2011

25 - Implementing Automatic Meter Reading for Water: A Reflective Approach to Weighing Options
39 - Water Conservation Efforts Changing Future Wastewater Treatment Facility Needs
49 - Water Conservation Planning in the St. Johns River Water Management District

July, 2011

36 - Zero Liquid Discharge Desalination of Brackish Water with an Innovative Form of Electrodialysis: Electrodialysis Metathesis

June, 2011

4 - Frying Up Energy Independence: The Feasibility of Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG)-Derived Biofuel Production
16 - Evaluation of Energy Recovery Options for Conversion of Aerobic Digesters to Anaerobic Digestion
48 - Slick Solutions: Fairforest Grease & Septage Receiving Station
54 - The Changing Landscape of Biosolids Management in Florida: The 21st Centurys First Decade & Predictions for the Next One

May, 2011

28 - The Future of SCADA
37 - How a Smart Information Management System Changed a Utility for the Better
40 - Fostering Courage How You Can Help Public Officials Face Necessary Rate Increases
66 - Operations &Maintenance Considerations when Designing a Low-Pressure Sewer Collection System

April, 2011

6 - Regulatory Considerations in the Permitting of Seawater Desalting Facilities
18 - Managing the Challenges of Ground Water Rule Compliance in South Florida
44 - Old City, New Ideas: Peracetic Acid in Wastewater Disinfection at St. Augustine

March, 2011

4 - Going Green in the Water & Wastewater Industry: How Design-Build Can Facilitate the Certainty of LEEDTM Certification
44 - The Search for Energy Savings: Optimization of Existing & New Pumping Stations

February, 2011

36 - Developing Better Regional Groundwater Flow Models with Effective Use of Step-Drawdown Test Results
46 - When All You Have Is Lemons, Try Making Lemonade!
57 - Some Say StormwaterWe Say Source Water; Bringing Clarity to a Muddy Situation: Assimilation of Reservoir Construction Site Stormwater

January, 2011

8 - Influence of Membrane Flux on the Performance of a Pilot-Scale Membrane Bioreactor Treating Low C/N Wastewater
17 - Development of a Process Model for Recovery of Nutrients from Wastewater by Precipitation as Struvite
38 - Incorporating Sustainability Considerations into Wastewater Treatment Process Selection for Nutrient Removal

December, 2010

4 - Modern Methods to Solve an Age-Old Problem Using Modeling & GIS to Improve Fire Suppression
18 - Anticipating Changes to the Total Coliform Rule
19 - Reverse Osmosis Design & Concentrate Discharge Evolution in Florida the Past Three Decades
22 - Risk-Based Asset Prioritization of Water Transmission/Distribution Pipes for the City of Tampa
2010 - Engineering Technologies for Pipeline Asset Management

November, 2010

4 - Developing a Reservoir Algae-Control Plan for Taste & Odor Prevention

October, 2010

8 - Do You Need Tertiary Filters at Your Wastewater Plant? Which Technology Should You Pick & Why?
17 - Alternative Procurement: Owner-Furnished Equipment

September, 2010

6 - Integrating Water Quality & Supply Objectives in Regional Applications: A Case Study of Reuse in the Lower St. Johns River Basin
19 - Conserving Water & Power Costs in the 21st Century

August, 2010

16 - Conservation Water Rates for Residential Customers: A Practical Overview
29 - Predominant Commercial Sectors in Florida & their Water Use Patterns

July, 2010

4 - Innovative Hydrogen Sulfide Treatment Methods: Moving Beyond Packed Tower Aeration

June, 2010

4 - A Case for the Safety & Sustainability of Class B Biosolids Land ApplicationResults of Microconstituent & Pathogen Research in Gainesville
34 - An Integrated Biomass to Energy System

May, 2010

20 - CMOM: Does it Work? Clearwaters Program Performance History
28 - Win-Win Deals: How to Use Economies of Scale to Your Small Utilitys Advantage
48 - Who Said the S Word? Sustainability in the Midst of Chaos
62 - RISKY BUSINESS Quantifying Risk is Fundamental to any Physical Asset Management Program

April, 2010

6 - Control of Trihalomethanes in Wastewater Treatment
42 - Field Verification of Water Quality Models: Process, Results & Benefits

March, 2010

24 - Making the Business Case for Utility Security (Adopting an All-Hazards Approach)

February, 2010

4 - Conjunctive Use of Floridas Ground & Surface Waters Solves Source Water Cost Issues

January, 2010

4 - Full-Scale Nutrient Reduction Pilot Important First Step to Comply with Floridas 2008 Ocean Outfalls Elimination Rule
30 - Odor Control Solutions for Managing Emissions from Wastewater Treatment Facilities
50 - Stress Testing Gainesvilles Main Street Water Reclamation Facility to Meet Paynes Prairie Total Maximum Daily Load

December, 2009

4 - Biological Phosphorus Removal Inhibition by Collection System Corrosion & Odor Control Practices
26 - Successful Completion of a Uni-Directional Flushing Program
46 - When Private Property Threatens Public Health: A Private Lift Station Oversight Program

November, 2009

4 - Desalination Post-Treatment Considerations

October, 2009

12 - Hurricane Ivan Spurs Effort to Construct Pensacola Wastewater Reclamation Facility
40 - Tampa Bay Waters Surface Water System Expansion

September, 2009

14 - Climate Change Impacts on Florida (with a specific look at groundwater impacts)
41 - Cape Corals Approach to Water Resource Management

August, 2009

24 - Water Loss Management: Conservation Option in Floridas Urban Water Systems
38 - Identifying the Feasibility of Canal Recharge for Indirect Potable Reuse: The Plantation Experience
52 - Preserving the Environment by Increasing Reuse Supplies: Blending Nanofiltration Concentrate & Treated Effluent

July, 2009

14 - Fast-Tracking Lake Okeechobee Restoration: A Systems Evaluation for Optimizing Phosphorus Removal
24 - Compact Technology: Increasing Treatment Capacity Without Building More Basins
38 - MBBR Technology for Urbanized Wastewater Treatment

June, 2009

4 - Optimization of Thermal Dryer Operations
31 - Sustainable Energy Opportunities with Solids Stabilization

May, 2009

8 - Using Todays Technology to Improve Asset Management & Collection System I & I Programs
22 - Pilot Project to Establish a Long-Term R&R Program for Tampa Bay Water

April, 2009

16 - Chloramine Production & Monitoring in FloridasWater Supply Systems
38 - Maximize Revenue Generation, Minimize Potable Water Flushing, Optimize Distribution Water Quality for Areas Impacted by Reclaimed Water Service
52 - Distribution System Water Quality Improvements & Challenges after Ozonation/Biofiltration Steps are Added to Tampas Surface Water Treatment Plant

March, 2009

18 - Should Florida Revisit Comparative Assessment of Municipal Wastewater Disposal Methods in the Southeastern Part of the State?

February, 2009

17 - Shifting Paradigms for Water Supply in Northeast Florida
42 - Planning for a Sustainable Water Supply: Preparing an Alternative Water Supply Plan

January, 2009

20 - An Advanced Pollution Control Facilitys Conversion to Four-Stage Bardenpho to Improve Biological Nitrogen Removal
50 - A TALE OF TWO FILAMENTS: BNR System Recovery from a Major Process Upset

December, 2008

20 - Horizontal Directional Drilling an Emergency Water Main Replacement under Matlacha Pass Challenges & Innovation
33 - Low Pressure: A Viable Collection System Alternative
44 - From Start to Finish: Calibrating Pinellas Countys 2,000-Mile Hydraulic Water Distribution System Model

November, 2008

24 - No Contactor? Remove Sulfide Using Side Stream Ozone Injection
34 - Chemical Optimization for a New Brackish Groundwater Reverse Osmosis Treatment Plant

October, 2008

4 - New North Miami BeachWater Treatment Plant Provides Timely Drought Relief in South Florida
20 - Improving Operational Efficiency at an Aging ROWater Treatment Plant through Replacement & Rehabilitation

September, 2008

12 - Sanford Attacks I/I to Protect Drinking Water Source
42 - Methodology, Evaluation, & Feasibility Study of Total Phosphorus Removal Management Measures in Lake George & Nearby Lakes

August, 2008

34 - Implementing Reclaimed Water in Inverness: Big Steps for a Small Town
42 - Design Alternatives for Expansion of the South Tampa Area Reclaimed (STAR) Project in Tampa
62 - Regional Utilities Expanded Wastewater Plants Produce High-Quality Effluent for Reuse

July, 2008

4 - Effects of Temperature, Salinity & Pesticides on Oyster Hemocyte Activity Gene B. Rodrick
28 - BMP Performance Expectation Functions A Simple Method for Evaluating Stormwater Treatment BMP Performance Data

June, 2008

27 - Pollution Control Modifications to Lower Costs at Largos Heat Drying Facility
38 - Anaerobic Degradability of Pinellas County Sludge & FOG at Mesophilic & Thermophilic Temperatures
46 - Sludge Management in the City of Orlando Its Supercritical!
66 - Using Landfill Gas as the Alternative Fuel for a 200-WTPD Thermal Dryer

May, 2008

26 - Reducing Non-RevenueWater: A Myriad of Challenges
42 - Theres No I in Team, but Team Leadership Requires U
48 - Financial Sustainability: Preparing Now for the Hereafter!
60 - An Innovative Approach to Optimize Reverse Osmosis Membrane Performance
81 - ISO Survey Using Hydraulic Modeling to Replace Hydrant Flow Tests

April, 2008

4 - Drinking Water Quality Optimization: Focus on the Distribution System
17 - Alkalinity Addition Utilizing Carbon Dioxide & Lime: Inexpensive Solution to a Historically Expensive Problem
26 - Disinfection Alternatives for South Florida Water Management Districts ASR Facility
38 - Significant Water Quality Trends Observed in the Lower Hawthorn Aquifer of Southwest Florida: Occurrences & Solutions
51 - Understanding DBP Formation during Chloramination

March, 2008

18 - Potential Water Treatment Plant Effluent Guidelines & Their Impact on Water Utilities
32 - Results of Preliminary Class I Injection Well Modeling in Southeast Florida

February, 2008

24 - Blending Floridan & Surficial Groundwater in Reponse to Drought at Palm Beach Countys Membrane Softening WTP No. 3
36 - Sustaining Groundwater Supplies through Wellfield Management

January, 2008

12 - Old Plant, New Tricks MBR Retrofit: How to Maximize Performance While Minimizing Costs & Distruptions
36 - Controlling Wastewater Plant Odors The Palm Beach Experience
45 - Influent Screening: No Longer a Routine Process with MBRs
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