2007 Technical Articles

January 2007 Technical Articles
28 Wastewater Process Design with Energy Savings in Mind
47 Orange County Utilities Northwest Water Reclamation Facility: Expansion Design

 February 2007 Technical Articles
13 Defining the Value & Cost of Water & their Uses in Utility Decision Making
22 Off-Stream Reservoir: A Tool for Improving Yield & Water Quality Reliability

March 2007 Technical Articles
18 Tools for Addressing Low-Level Chronic Toxicity in Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluents
22 Fresh Ideas for Fresh Water: Using Innovative Technology to Obtain High-Quality Drinking Water from Lake Okeechobee
42 Coastal Pollutant Loading from On-Site Treatment & Disposal

April 2007 Technical Articles
20 Operational SOP's: 1st Step in Retaining Workforce Knowledge & Experience
24 Sustaining Utility Compliance when Using Contract Laboratories
26 Practical Asset Management: It Doesn't Have to Be 'All or Nothing'
54 Selecting & Implementing a Comprehensive Asset Management System

May 2007 Technical Articles
14 Biosolids Heat Drying: Safety in Design and Owner Operation
37 4 Different Pathways to Biosolids Stabilization
50 How Ocala's Biosolids Reuse Program Controls Cost, Meets Regulations and is Safe for the Environment

June 2007 Technical Articles
26 The Fate of Pharmaceuticals after Wastewater Treatment
44 Viral Pathogen Inactivation Requirements for Groundwater Treatment Systems

August 2007 Technical Articles
52 Quantifying Potable Water Savings Derived from a Residential Irrigation Audit Program in Seminole County

September 2007 Technical Articles
40 Arsenic Residuals Treatment to Meet New IPP Limits for Discharges from Potable Water Membrane Plant

October 2007 Technical Articles
20 Sustainability & the Management of Water Resources in Florida
34 ASR Implementation: Techniques for Improving Success

November 2007 Technical Articles
14 Optimizing Existing Facilities: Finding another 3 MGD at Cape Corals RO Plant
22 Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide from Groundwater Using Packed-Bed Anion Exchange Technology
35 Reverse Osmosis Treatment Facilities: Innovative Post-Treatment Stabilization Solutions

December 2007 Technical Articles
15 Effects of GIS-Based Demand Allocation on Water Distribution System Modeling
48 Developing an Approach to Diagnosing & Correcting Capacity Problems on Distribution Infrastructure
55 Hydraulics of Sewer Flows

2006 Technical Articles

 January 2006 Technical Articles
17 meeting New TMDL Limits: Decommission, Reuse, or Upgrade?
35 Design & Operation of Final Clarifiers

February 2006 Technical Articles
20 Reducing the High Cost of an ASR Test Well
48 Collier County Implements Integrated Program Management Plan to Secure Water Supply for Future Decades

March 2006 Technical Articles
25 Defining the Concentrate Disposal Problem & Identifying Potential Solutions
48 Process Optimization at New Nanofiltration Plant Meets Water-Quality Goals, Saves Money for Boca Raton

April 2006 Technical Articles
16 Coaching or Criticizing
22 Implementing an Enterprise Risk Management Framework Lowers Capital Costs, Improves Budget Performance
25 Toho Declares Independence & Commitment to Continuous Improvement
49 Operational Challenges to Meeting New Copper & THM Effluent Limits at Clearwater APCFS

May 2006 Technical Articles
50 Environmental Impacts of Land Applying Biosolids 

June 2006 Technical Articles
50 Existing & Emerging Concentrate Minimization & Disposal Practices for Membrane Systems

July 2006 Technical Articles
4 Emerging Disinfection Technologies
13 Practical Treatment Processes & Techniques for Controlling & Lowering DBPs
52 Chloramines & Coliform: Should You Be Concerned?
60 Analytical Innovations for the Detection of Biologiacal Microconstituents

August 2006 Technical Articles
34 Water Conservation Methods at the Source

September 2006 Technical Articles
15 A Case Study for Industrial Wastewater Desalination and Concentrate Disposal Barriers in Florida

October 2006 Technical Articles
13 Defining Sustainability

November 2006 Technical Articles
28 Efficient, Simultaneous Destruction of Multiple Drinking Water Contaminants Using Biological Filtration
31 Removing the Stink: Advanced Treatment Processes for Hydrogen Sulfide
44 Evaluation of a Photocatalytic Water Treatment Process
60 Operation of 4 Water Treatment Processes to Meet Blended Product Quality Goals

December 2006 Technical Articles
26 Stage 2 Disinfection Byproduct Rule: What Does it Mean to You?
31 Comprehensive Approach to Increase Effectiveness & Efficiency of Flushing Program
42 From Red Water to Pump Failures - Corrosion Control Activities & Related Studies
65 Water Quality Changes Associated with New & Standard Domestic Distribution System Piping Materials

2005 Technical Articles

January 2005 Technical Articles
25 Clarification Concepts for Treating Peak Wet-Weather Wastewater Flows
37 True Confessions of the Biological Nutrient Removal Process

February 2005 Technical Articles
30 Well Stimulation Using CO2 Injection at the City of Apopka
32 Considerations for the CERP ASR Contingency Plan

34 Controlling Your Own Water Destiny

March 2005 Technical Articles
31 Experiences with Blending Multiple Source Waters In A Common Water Distribution System
46 Full-Scale Evaluation of 3 Filtration Processes For Removing Cryptosporidium, Giardia & Surrogates

April 2005 Technical Articles
42 Marketing & Manufacturing Dried Class A Sludge
48 Wheels of Progress: Rotary Press Selection for Plum Island

May 2005 Technical Articles
43 Utilities Career Advancement Gets A Boost
48 Getting More out of GIS & Database Management Systems

57 Map to Quality

June 2005 Technical Articles
34 Proposed EPA Blending Policy
68 Optimization Modeling of Phosphorus Removal

July 2005 Technical Articles
24 Mobile Wastewater Treatment Helps Remediate Concentrated Acidic Process Water at Fertilizer Plant
38 The Dilemma Small Utilities Face in Selecting Processes for Arsenic Treatment
41 Ozone & Biofiltration Improve Port City's Water Quality

August 2005 Technical Articles
65 Tampa Bay Regional Reclaimed Water & Downstream Augmentation Project

October 2005 Technical Articles
43 An Interdisciplinary Approach to Trichloroethylene Pollution in Groundwater Systems, Phase II: Computer Modeling

November 2005 Technical Articles
41 Membrane Treatment Processes & their Ability to Address Emergent Pollutants of Concern
44 Reverse Osmosis in Port St. Lucie
51 Conversion from Membrane Softening to Brackish-Water Reverse Osmosis

December 2005 Technical Articles
18 Priming the Pump: Polymer Use Increases Lift Station Capacity
26 Multiple Strategies for Reducing Collection-Systems Odors

January 2004 Technical Articles
36 The Iron Bridge Bardenpho System....A Great Process Made Better
45 Compact Liquid Treatment Technologies and their Impact on Minimizing Plant Site Requirements

February 2004 Technical Articles
31 The Effects of Urbanization on Water Supply
38 Improving the Performance of ASR Wells with CO2 Injection

50 The Tampa Bay Regional Reservoir Project

March 2004 Technical Articles
33 Ammonia Dynamics on the Ocean Environment

48 Meeting Effluent Discharge Limitations for BDCM and DBCM

April 2004 Technical Articles
14 Landfill Gas + Wastewater Residuals = Marketable Fertilizer Pellets

32 Biosolids Treatment & Disposal Alternative for Altamonte Springs

42 Largo's Beneficial Use of Biosolids

May 2004 Technical Articles
35 Designing an Asset Management System

June 2004 Technical Articles
24 Tackling Beach Closures and Coliforms

34 Benefit-Cost Analysis to Develop the Lake Okeechobee Protection Plan

50 Natural Wetlands for Stormwater Management at Space Center's VAB Complex

July 2004 Technical Articles
22 Response-able Water: Integrating IT Systems for Improved Threat Response AND Operational Performance
32 Conversion of Orange County Water-Supply Facilities from Chlorine Gas to Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfection

August 2004 Technical Articles
22 Project APRICOT: Case Study of a Wide-Scale Urban Reclaimed Water System

September 2004 Technical Articles
14 Simulation of Copper Release in Pipe Distribution System and Copper Rule Compliance
30 Design, Construction & Start-up of a Biological Pretreatment Plant for a Large Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility

October 2004 Technical Articles
22 Use of Inflatable Weir Structures Makes Water Resources More Efficient
20 Southwest Wellfield Hydrologeologic Investigation Highlights Challenges to Water Resources Evaluation in Hernando County

November 2004 Technical Articles
21 The Evolution of Pretreatment Chemicals in Membrane Processes
33 Membrane Pretreatment for Seawater Reverse-Osmosis Desalination

December 2004 Technical Articles
26 Water Main Rehabilitation Alternatives
35 Biological Treatment of Collection System Odors

January 2003 Technical Articles
21 The Iron Bridge Facility - Mining for Capacity
29 Orange County Triples South Plant Capacity for under $1.50 per Gallon in Record Time

48 Tapping into Water Security: Practical Applications for Water Suppliers (PartII)

February 2003 Technical Articles
4 Tapping into Water Security: Practical Applications for Water Suppliers (PartIII)
29 The Volusian Water Alliance Water Supply Plan

37 Tampa's Aquifer Storage Recovery Program

March 2003 Technical Articles
29 Advanced Technologies for Wastewater Treatment Utilizing Constructed Wetlands
34 Relative Risk Assessment of Disposal Alternatives in Southeast Florida

April 2003 Technical Articles
31 Advance Class-A Anaerobic Digestion at OWASA, North Carolina
42 Recent Advancements in Wastewater Sludge Composting

May 2003 Technical Articles
29 Common Sense and Asset Management
40 Win/Win Permitting in a Design/Build/Operate Contract

June 2003 Technical Articles
39 Direct Filtration for Wet-Weather Conditions

July 2003 Technical Articles
13 Nine Utility Systems Convert to Chloramines in 48 Hours
20 Up and Running - Florida's TMDL Program Has Arrived

August 2003 Technical Articles
29 How One Water Utility Met its Water-Use Restriction Goals

September 2003 Technical Articles
14 How Solving the Puzzle: Providing Cyber Security

October 2003 Technical Articles
14 Aquifer Recharge Enhancement Plan for Orange County
20 Integrated Water Resources Management - Meeting the Needs of the Lower West Coast Region
36 Aquifer Storage and Recovery for Recreational Irrigation

November 2003 Technical Articles
14 Benefits and Limitations of Utilizing a Raw-Water Blend Stream to Meet Production and Quality Goals at a Membrane Facility
33 Microfiltration Pilot Studies for Aquifer Storage & Recovery Pretreatment

December 2003 Technical Articles
18 Comprehensive Program Approach to Wastewater Collection System Improvements in the City of Fort Lauderdale
29 The Effective Use of Planning and Design Tools for Tampa Bay Water's Master Water Plan
30 The Secret to Our Success

January 2002 Technical Articles
18 Practical Considerations For Design of a Step-Feed Biological Nutrient Removal System

February 2002 Technical Articles
19 Aquifer Storage Recovery Wells: The Path Ahead
30 Hydraulic and Density Considerations in the Design of Aquifer Storage and Recovery Systems

March 2002 Technical Articles
34 The Orange County Eastern Wetlands Treatment System: 14 Years Later
41 Effluent Disposal and Water Supply Coming Together at Orange County's Northwest Water Reclamation Facility

April 2002 Technical Articles
18 ATADs, Odors, and Biofilters
27 A New Horizon: Private Biosolids Management for the City of Atlanta
31 Benefits of a Progressive Centralized Biosolids Management System

May 2002 Technical Articles
22 Training and Retaining High Caliber Employees: A Successful Mentoring Program
34 An Alternative to Eminent Domain
38 Above and Beyond SCADA: Expanding Horizons Through Technology

June 2002 Technical Articles
27 Town Lake Rehabilitation Project
32 CDS Technology Helps Protect Destin Harbor from Stormwater Pollution

July 2002 Technical Articles
18 Removal of Chloramines by Granular Activated Carbon
21 Design for Nondetectable Fecal Coliform: Our Experience with UV Light

30 Low Pressure-High Output UV: Is It the Wave of the Future?

August 2002 Technical Articles
22 Water Conservation Efforts in Florida
35 Implementation of Reclaimed Water Rates and Metering

September 2002 Technical Articles
20 Emerging Waterborne Pathogens
27 4-Chlorophenol Pollution: Is Fenton's Reaction the Answer?

34 Emerging Contaminants and Membrane Technology

October 2002 Technical Articles
20 An Integrated Groundwater/Surface-Water Model for Central Broward County
29 The Use of Risk for Permitting Groundwater Programs

November 2002 Technical Articles
20 Optimization of the Peace River/Manasota Conventional Coagulation Water Supply Facility
28 Achieving U.S. Safe Drinking Water Standards Using Distillation Desalination

December 2002 Technical Articles
4 Tapping into Water Security: Practical Applications for Water Suppliers(Part 1)
20 Horizontal Directional Drilling a 16-Inch Force Main Under Clearwater Harbor

30 Using Salinity Measurement, Tidal Correlation to Study Inflow/Infiltration in Lowland, Tidal Areas

January 2001 Technical Articles
34 Concentrate Post-Treatment For Hydrogen Sulfide and Dissolved Oxygen -- Vipin Pangasa, Laura Andrews, and William Green
37 Recovering Spent Filter Backwash Water Using Dissolved Air Flotation Technology -- Andrew Eades and Steve Scheidler

February 2001 Technical Articles
37 To Lime or Not to Lime That is the Question -- Roy A. Pelletier, David S. Sloan, and Thomas L. Lothrop
39 Diversified Water Sources Provide for Lee County’s Water Supply -- Larry Johnson, Glenn Greer, and Philip Waller

March 2001 Technical Articles
29 The Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority’s Cross-Connection Control Program: 14 Years Later -- Jolynn Cates
32 Upgrading a Wastewater Reclamation Facility -- Paul A. Bizier
34 Reduction of Energy Consumption in Wastewater Sludge Treatment -- Izrail S. Turovskiy

April 2001 Technical Articles
38 Change is Changeless -- Dave Crowson
39 Regulation of Water Supply Sources -- Glenn Dykes
40 One Community’s Perspective -- Bill Johnson
42 Pride in the Past, Look Forward to the Future -- Ed Singley
44 A Comparison Of Public and Private Utility Service Mechanisms -- Frederick Bloetscher, William Lynch, and Tom Boyd
47 Development of a Cost Effective Centralized Wastewater System for Small Rural Communities -- Harold E. Schmidt Jr. and Troy E. Layton

May 2001 Technical Articles
27 Development of an On-Line O&M Manual -- Albert L. Perez, Celia D.A. Earle, and Shane Ramcharansingh
29 Effects of Sand And Silt on Membrane Treatment Processes -- Frederick Bloetscher and Gerhardt M. Witt
31 A Practical Guide to Sampling and Testing Filter Media --Thomas M. Getting, Leonard Zukus, and Christopher Ball

June 2001 Technical Articles
37 Comparison of Water Quality Parameters from South Florida Wastewater Treatment Plants Versus Potential Receiving Waters -- Frederick Bloetscher and Sinem Gokgoz
40 Performance of In-line Monitors in Assessing Microbial Breakthrough -- R. Scott Smith

July 2001 Technical Articles 
23 Plant Renovation Brings Daytona Beach to Forefront of Water Reclamation -- Mark A. Veenstra
26 Wastewater Disinfection Using Sodium Hypochlorite Generated On-Site from Process Residuals -- Leonard W. Casson, William W. Edgar, James W. Bess, Tory Champlain, Gary Hunter, Bruce E. Kennedy, and Fred Wilson
30 Cost Comparisons of UV Disinfection -- David Kowalski, Donald Nicholas, Darren Hollifield, and Scott Schultz
33 Fast Track Chloramines Conversion for Florida’s Largest Water Wholesaler -- Stephane Jousset, Glenn Yaney, Tim Brodeur, and Ed Balchon

August 2001 Technical Articles - To be posted soon.

September 2001 Technical Articles- To be posted soon.

October 2001 Technical Articles
27 Assessment of Commercial Customer Water Impacts - Mark A. Rynning, Gerald C. Hartman, Vernon Hargray
32 CMOM - The Next Major Step for Wastewater Utilities - Jim Peters
34 How Can We Reward Employee Teams That Drive Us To Success- Marc J. Rogoff, Richard Hedrick

November 2001 Technical Articles
10 Pilot Study Conducted by City of Clearwater is First in Florida to Test Application of Chlorine Dioxide in Wastewater Disinfection -  Kelly M. Sutton, Robert A. Elefritz

December 2001 Technical Articles
29 Groundwater Model Construction and Calibration for the Prolific Biscayne Aquifer - Problems and Unique Solutions - Douglas P. Dufrense and Valerie C. Davis

January 2000 Technical Articles
23 Anion Exchange Technology for Organic Control in Potable Waters -- Troy L. Lyn and Steven R. Lavinder
24 Comparison of Hollow-Fiber and Spiral-Wound Membrane Technologies on a Brackish Groundwater -- Steven J. Duranceau, Jackie Foster, Doug Taylor, John Morton, and Javier Vargas

February 2000 Technical Articles
4 The Waldo Wetlands Project -- Teresa Frame and Edward M. Toby
23 Using ASR to Manage Water Resources in Seasonal Communities -- Jim McGee, Joseph R. Elarde, Anthony Inniss, and Mark B. McNeal

March 2000 Technical Articles
22 Beneficial Use of Domestic Wastewater Residuals -- Maurice Barker
23 Full-Scale Experience with Conditioning and Dewatering Thermophilic Aerobically Digested Biosolid -- R. David Holbrook, Sun-Nan Hong, Sudhir Murthy, and Fred Surovik
26 Infiltration and Inflow Reduction: A Program Overview -- William Rothman and Ethan Heijn

April 2000 Technical Articles
36 Mandated Modifications for Hollywood’s Industrial -Pretreatment Program -- Frederick Bloetscher, Lisa Meday-Futo, Whitifeld R. Van Cott, and Robert Fergan
39 Teamwork Meets a Critical Water Need -- Linda Seashore Larsen

May 2000 Technical Articles
19 Concentrate Disposal Via Injection Wells - Permitting and Design Considerations -- Sean Skehan and Peter J. Kwiatkowski
22 Cryptosporidium Removal from a Highly -Colored Florida Surface Water: A Pilot Study -- Matt Alvarez, Bill Bellamy, Joan B. Rose, Chuck J. Gibson, and Pat Fleming

June 2000 Technical Articles
28 Water Allocation Under Scarcity -- Grace M. Johns and Jay Yingling
32 Automated Chlorination Control System - The Orlando Eagle Eye -- Roy A. Pelletier and David S. Sloan

July 2000 Technical Articles
19 Comparison of Alternate Methods of Disinfection for Reclaim Effluents -- Robert A. Elefritz, Jr.
26 Side Stream Ozone Addition and Dissolved Oxygen Control -- Steven A. Yeats

August 2000 Technical Articles
4 Drinking Water Week 2000 -- Sara Johnson
25 A Case of Illegal Discharge -- Kent Kimes
27 The 2000 Reuse Round Table -- Edited by David York
27 Conservation of Reclaimed Water -- Anthony Andrade and Jo Ann Jackson
27 Water Conservation as Growth: Management Policy -- Ronnie Duncan and Kathy Foley
30 One-Day/Week Water Restrictions -- Norman Davis
31 Time to Get “Xerious” About Landscape Codes -- Albert Bond
32 Rain Barrels as an Educational Tool -- Billie Lofland
33 Irrigating Edible Crops with Reclaimed Water -- David York, Lawrence Parsons, and Lauren Walker-Coleman
33 Code of Good Practices for Water Reuse in Florida -- David York and Christianne Ferraro

September 2000 Technical Articles
31 Allen’s Creek Watershed Rehabilitation -- Terry J. Finch
36 Implementation of a Master Stormwater Management Plan in Jacksonville -- Patrick R. Victor, John Pappas, and Michael F. Schmidt
33 Grease ... Has It Slipped through the Cracks? -- Robert E. Heilman

October 2000 Technical Articles
34 Electric Deregulation: One City’s Response Leads to Water Department Independence -- Andrew G. Lynn, Donald E. Maurer, and Colin D. Groff
38 Retooling Your Utility Workforce and Enhancing Its Efficiency and Competitiveness -- Marc J. Rogoff and Ralph Lassiter
41 A Survivor’s Guide to Service Area Warfare -- Donald E. Maurer and William G. Young

November 2000 Technical Articles
31 A Look at FSAWWA’s Formative Years
32 A New Approach To Activated Sludge Process Control -- David S. Sloan and Roy A. Pelletier
35 The GUA — A Solution for Utility Infrastructure Delivery for Both Public and Private Entities -- Frederick Bloetscher and William Lynch

December 2000 Technical Articles
29 Private Building Sewer Rehabilitation Pilot Program -- avid B. Roberts and William G. Hallisey
31 Peace River Supply Interconnections -- Thomas F.X. Flynn, Kenneth E. Wilson, and Patrick J. Lehman
34 The Peace River Interconnect to Sarasota County: A Study to Assess Blended Water Quality and Compare Blending Options -- Steve Soltau, Mike McGee, and Jim Bradbury
37 Sanitary Sewer Overflow Reduction Plan — Criticality Review Matrix -- Stephen H. Riley and Scott D. Kelly

January 1999 Technical Articles
23 Membrane Concentrate Reuse By Controlled Blending -- Steve Messner, Geoff Hart, John Netzel, and Jonathan A. Dietrich
24 The City of Hollywood's Experience with Multi-Source Membrane Treatment Processes -- Frederick Bloetscher and Roberto S. Ortiz
26 Groundwater Treatment Needs for Membrane Treatment Processes -- Frederick Bloetscher, Gerhardt M. Witt, Anne E. Dodd, and Christopher P. Dodd

February 1999 Technical Articles
26 Improving Chloramine Residuals and Minimizing Nitrification -- Jolynn Cates and Steve Lavinder

March 1999 Technical Articles
22 Implementing Septic Tank Replacement in Florida -- Thomas G. Walker, Kent Kimes, and Richard D. Moore
25 I/I Reduction: The Extra Step in Sewer Rehabilitation -- Jens Peter Larsen, Hong Guo, and Gordon Keibler
20 F/M Ratio and the Operation of an Activated Sludge Process -- Gary Lee Mishoe

April 1999 Technical Articles
38 Impact of Septic Tanks on Wellhead Protection Efforts -- Frederick Bloetscher and Whitfield Van Cott
42 Hazardous Chemicals at Treatment Facilities: Complying with OSHA and EPA Rules -- Tom Helgeson

May 1999 Technical Articles
18 Optimizing Color Removal for D/DBP Rule Compliance -- Matthew B. Alvarez, J. Richard Voorhees, and Mark A. Rynning
23 Beneficial Use of Wastewater Sludge Biosolids in Russia -- lzrail S. Turovskiy

June 1999 Technical Articles
24 Water Plant Membrane Reject Water in an Ocean Outfall -- Robert E. Fergen. Paul Vinci, and Frederick Bloetscher

July 1999 Technical Articles
23 Two Step Disinfection by Ultraviolet: Radiation/Chlorination -- Brian M. Stahl and David L. Collin
25 Designing a UV System to Provide High-Level Disinfection -- Kiera S. Fitzgerald and Karla Schmidt
21 Book Review -- Pretreatment of Industrial Wastes -- John Poniccia

August 1999 Technical Articles
4 Making Water Conservation and Reuse Happen in St. Johns River Water Management District -- Don Brandes, SJRWMD
10 Regional Conservation Planning: Details, Details -- Dave Bracciano & Damann Anderson
14 Update: The Bill to Eliminate Current Plumbing Efficiency Standards -- Kathy Foley
15 Piloting the Future: Innovating Water Conservation Programs -- Kathy Foley
16 1999 FSAWWA Water Conservation Awards -- Norman Davis
19 Is ICI Coming Of Age? -- Fred Bloetscher

September 1999 Technical Articles
21 Watershed Management in Hillsborough County -- Elie G. Araj
22 Pollutant Removal Efficiencies for Typical Stormwater Management Systems in Florida -- Harvey H. Harper
27 Lake Munson Stormwater Master Plan Implementation -- Theresa B. Heiker
29 The Florida Watershed Restoration Act and TMDL Program -- Blake Guillory and Tom Sear

October 1999 Technical Articles
24 ISO 14001: A Road Map to Continuous Utility System Improvement -- Nigel O. Grace, Donna M. Grace, Albert L. Perez, and Nicole A. Maywah
27 Hurricane Preparedness: Broward County's Infrastructure Improvements -- Gary S. Fox and Shajan Joykutty
36 As I Remember Him -- Michael Croom

November 1999 Technical Articles
23 Sludge Management, Processing, Treatment, and Disposal-- Daniel E. Meeroff and Fred Bloetsche

December 1999 Technical Articles
22 DEP Pretreatment Program Requirements -- Frederick Bloetscher, Lisa Meday-Futo, Whitifeld R. Van Cott, and Robert Fergan
24 Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion to Achieve Class A Biosolids -- Ronald Eyma, Berrin Tansel and Chris Helfrich

January 1998 Technical Articles
38 Global Warming -- Myth or Reality? Parts 4 and 5 -- John Crane
40 Comparison Of Membranes, Ozone, and Ion Exchange for a South Florida Groundwater -- Francis E. Duran, Glenn W. Dunkelberger, and Chris Helfrich
43 Raw Water Quality Versus Membrane Fouling Potential -- Gabriel Valdes and Ron DiRamio
45 Hollywood's Experience with Multi-Source Membrane Treatment Processes -- Frederick Bloetscher and Roberto S. Ortiz

February 1998 Technical Articles
23 Benchmarking In Meter Reading -- Robert L. Anderson
27 Global Warming -- Myth or Reality? (Part 6) -- John Crane
29 Crypto Happens -- A Florida Cryptosporidium Outbreak -- John Regan, Sandra Roush, and Robert McVay

March 1998 Technical Articles
54 Pipe Splitting Technology -- Larry J. Ruffin

April 1998 Technical Articles
4 Preventing Sewer Overflows -- Marc P. Walch, Thomas J. Christ, Kathleen S. Leo, Stephanie L Ross, and William M. Brant
25 Groundwater Migration in Sewer Trenches -- Rodolfo B. Femandez and John S, Gresh (pdf file)

May 1998 Technical Articles
20 Comparison of Chlorine Delivery Systems -- Leisha L. Pica, Francis E. Duran, Glenn Dunkelberger, and Robert Eskuchen
23 Automation for Unattended Water Treatment Plant Operations -- Rodolfo B. Femandez and John S, Gresh

June 1998 Technical Articles
25 Design and Installation of a Large Force Main -- Joe Margio

July 1998 Technical Articles
22 The Human Side of Making a Public Utility More Competitive -- Marc J. Rogoff and Ralph B. Lassiter

August 1998 Technical Articles
17 Community Water Counseler Program--Steven Haag
18 Conservation and Customer Service on the Internet--Stuart Feinglas
18 Water Conservation Month--Ron Hamel and Karen Drolet Snowman
19 Landscape Water Budget Pilot Project: Year One--Betsy Davis
20 Interactive Media--Irma Reinpoldt
22 A Step Backward--Kathy Foley and Diane Mulville-Friel
23 "The Wet Gazette": Reaching Into the Future--Carla Mitchell
23 Work Study/Internship Program--Norman Davis
24 Liquid Assets--David Bracciano and Diane Mulville-Friel
25 Protozoan Pathogens: A Comparison of Reclaimed Water and Other Irrigation Waters--David W. York and Nicole R. Burg

September 1998 Technical Articles
29 Stormwater Master Planning Case Studies in Florida -- Brian Mack, Joel Jordan, Charles Cook, Theresa Heiker, Mark Flomerfelt

October 1998 Technical Articles
27 Water Supply Planning in Florida -- Louis Burney, Tom Swihart, and Janet Llewellyn

November 1998 Technical Articles
31 Reuse in Florida: Moving Toward the 21st Century -- David W. York and Lisa Wadsworth
34 Exploring New Water Supply Sources for the Tampa Bay Area -- Dale Twachtmann
36 Residential Reclaimed Water Business in Pinellas County -- Victor W. Formby, Thomas Jones, and Carrie S. Mann
39 Tampa Water Resource Recovery Project: Discussion Broadens -- David Bracciano, Brad Baird, Phil Waller, and Sara Katz

December 1998 Technical Articles
11 Cost and Performance Evaluation of BNR Processes -- Gerald W. Foess, Paul Steinbrecher, Kenneth Williams, and George S. Garrett
14 Strategies For Procurement of a 6.0 MGD Wastewater Treatment Facility -- Harold E. Schmidt, Jr., J. Richard Voorhees, Jon D. Fox, and Peter A. Korelich

January 1997 Technical Articles
25 Maximizing Membrane Water Treatment Plant Performance -- Nadine Barnes and Marc Larson
28 Public Contract Operations: An Alternative to Privatization -- Marc J. Rogoff
30 Waste Strategies -- Leonardo D'Angelo

February 1997 Technical Articles
4 Electric Skies-Electric Pipes -- Richard Dunham and Clifford A. Rissell
32 A Full-Scale Study of Corrosion Control -- Roger M. Smith, Charles R. Womack, June A. Smith, Luke A. Mulford
34 Grounding Can Affect Water Quality -- S.J. Duranceau, G.E.C. Bell, M.J. Schiff, R.M. Powell, R.L. Bianchetti

March 1997 Technical Articles
31 Automating Collection System Maintenancewith Bar-Coding -- Doug Hammond and Kenneth J. Horton
33 Stopping Force Main Collapses and Establishing Corrosion Control -- Luis Aguiar, Armand J. LeBeau, and David B. Williams
35 Service Laterals­the Last Frontierin Sewer System Rehabilitation -- Jens Peter Larsen, James N. Struve, Whit Van Cott, and David McLaughlin

April 1997 (Electronic versions of articles for this issue are not available)
56 Locating The Source: A Historic Overview Of Florida's Water Management Laws -- Ronald A. Christaldi

May97 (Electronic versions of articles for this issue are not available)
4 Pilot Studies at Palm Coast -- David G. Schlobohm, Tim Sheahan, Kevin Morris and Jeff Nash
23 The Effects of pH Control and Media Particle Size on the Performance of Dual Media Filters --David J. Prah
25 Ion Exchange for Color Removal -- Aaron C. Googins, Francis E. Duran, Glenn W. Dunkelberger, and Chris Helfrich

Jun97 (Electronic versions of articles for this issue are not available)
25 Odor Control at Fort Myers -- Vanessa L. Speight, Edward R. Balchon, and Eric M. Nixon
27 Total Residual Chlorine in Ocean Disposal -- J. Philip Cooke, Hening Huang, Robert E. Fergen, and Gary S. Fox
29 Clean Air Act Compliance for POTWs and Water Treatment Facilities -- Clinton O. Robinson, David M. Gawlowski, and Wade J. Cleveland

July 1997 Technical Articles
21 Advanced Main and Lateral Lining Techniques -- Bill Bachelor
24 Customer Relations: The Seven "C's" for a Successful Infrastructure Rehabilitation Program -- David Collier, Sterling L. Carroll, and William F. Archebelle
26 Meter Reading and Custom Service Outsourcing -- Frederick Blotscher and Whitfield R. Van Cott
28 Alternative Project Delivery -- When Is It Appropriate for Florida Utilities? -- Keith Rice, Richard Dyne, Tom Cleveland, and Robert Hungate

August 1997 Technical Articles
18 School Water Conserving Garden Grant Program -- Linda Seashore Larsen
18 The Groundwater Guardian Program -- Irma M. Reinpoldt
20 Return to School -- Thomas T. Jones
20 Toilet Retrofit Issues -- Stuart Feinglas and Norman Davis
22 Water Wise Awards: Incentives and Savings -- David Bracciano and Nanette Holland
27 Addressing Privatization: Past, Present, and Future -- Phil Gliden

September 1997 Technical Articles
32 Florida's New and Improved Residuals Rule -- Lynn Green and Lee Smith
35 GRU Biosolids Management: Changing the Think Box for 503 Compliance -- Kim Zoltek, John Regan, David Richardson Ron Dare, and Jamie Hope

October 1997 Technical Articles
34 Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way -- J. Kent Kimes
36 Managing Resources to Protect Marine Life -- Keith Mullins
37 Destratification of a South Florida Surface Water Supply -- Richard H. Jones, Samuel S. Stone, Jerry Tindal, and Grady Sorah

November 1997 Technical Articles
24 Global Warming -- Myth or Reality? Part 1 -- John Crane
27 Water Reuse and Water Conservation in The SWFWMD Manasota Basin -- Jeffrey F. Payne
28 Tampa Water Resource Recovery Project: A Water Supply with Merit -- Brad Baird, Wendy Nero, Phil Waller, and Sara Katz

December 1997 Technical Articles
24 Global Warming -- Myth or Reality? Parts 2 and 3 -- John Crane
26 Optimization of Wastewater Treatment Facilities -- Harold Schmidt Jr., Cary ReVoir II, Troy Layton, Terry Wadsworth
29 Nutrient Removal in Small Wastewater Treatment Plants -- Gerald W. Foess, Kenneth Williams, George Garrett

January 1996 Technical Articles
35 Aqualane Canal Water Quality Improvements -- Marla M. Hough
37 Forecast for Federal Storm Water Permits -- Patrick S. Collins, Eric H. Livingston and Jeannie McNeill
42 Implementation of the Lead and Copper Rule -- Hsiaochung Charles Wu

February 1996 Technical Articles
37 Unaccounted-For Water Puzzle: More Than Just Leakage -- Paul V. Johnson
39 Effects of Electrical Grounding on Pipe Integrity and Shock Hazard-A National Survey -- Steven J. Duranceau, Graham E.C. Bell, and M.J. Schiff
41 Sewer System Renovation in South Florida-Improved Techniques for Coastal Cities -- James T. Cowgill, Fred Bloetsher, and J. Peter Larsen

March 1996 (Electronic versions of articles for this issue are not available)
25 Food Processing Wastewater Pretreatment -- Andrew Amis Randall, Marty Sullivan, and Kenneth M. Krupa
27 Landfill Leachate Management -- John A. Banks and Laura S. Andrews
29 Aladdin, Magic Lamps, and Industrial Pretreatment -- Lynn Green, Gerard Miller and Gary Hunter
30 Odor Strategies -- Leonardo D'Angelo

April 1996 Technical Articles
20 Water Resources Managementin the Halifax River Watershed -- Denver J. Stutler, Jr., Scott H. Martin, Michael F. Schmidtand Brett A. Cunningham
22 One More Way to EstimatePollutant Loading Rates -- Ronald L. Bartel, Ruben A. Arteaga, and Felton B. Ard
24 How the Federal Clean Air Act Amendmentsof 1990 Affect Your Plant's Operations -- David E. Lindberg

May 1996
Florida Water Resources Conference - Fort Myers in '96

June 1996 Technical Articles
26 Process Flexibility: A Key Ingredient In Operational Success -- John E. Drapp, David Hagan, and Andrew T. Cronberg
28 Full-Scale Operational Experience at Ocoee -- R. David Holbrook and Robert Holland

July 1996 Technical Articles
26 An Innovative Opportunity for Water Reuse -- Robert J. Reimold, Grethe Loland-McLaughlin,and Frederick Bloetsche
29 Water Conserv II:A Model of Cooperation and Communication -- Dan Estow

August 1996 Technical Articles
Water Conservation in Florida

September 1996 Technical Articles
22 Upgrade to Meet 503 Sludge Regulations -- John R. Currie
24 Landfill Leachate Management -- Josef F. Grusauskas, David L. Mathews, and David M. Laliberte
27 Vermiculture for Class A Stabilization -- Bruce R. Eastman
29 Deep Well Injection in Florida -- William A. Pitt

October 1996 Technical Articles
31 Saving the Homosassa -- Robert Garrison
33 The Impact of Water Management Initiatives and Everglades Restoration on Public Water Suppliesin South Florida -- Fred Rapach and Patrick J. Gleason
35 Review of Carbonate and Sulfide Equilibrium in Drinking Water Systems -- Steven J. Duranceau and Erik L. Melear

November 1996 Technical Articles
32 Reclaimed Water Reuse in Floridaand the South Gulf Coast -- Harley W. Young and David W. York
37 Impact Of Population Trends On Reuse -- Allen R. Overman and Heather J. Pirozzoli

December 1996 Technical Articles
24 A Cautious Look at Aquifer Storage Recovery in South Florida from a Public Health Viewpoint -- Phong D. Nguyen and Thomas K. Mueller
28 Present-Day Operating Conditions of Older Reverse Osmosis Facilities -- Helen Bennet and O.J. Morin

January 1995 Technical Articles
31 Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plants In Florida -- David York and Elsa Potts
34 Effects of Recreational Vehicle Wastes on the Treatability of Domestic Wastewater -- William Thomas
36 Alternative Project Delivery Approaches for Public Works Owners --Douglas Smith
38 Brackish Water Supply Enhancing Fresh Water Availability for Dunedin -- Dave Wiley and Robert Brotherton

February 1995 Technical Articles
4 West Palm Beach Gains Water Landmark
27 Aeration System Increases Digestion Rateat Marineland -- William McGowan
28 Wastewater Treatment Facility Safety -- John Armstrong and Roy Pelletier
29 Understanding Gas Detector Sensors -- Doug Prentiss
30 Unconventional Wastewater Collection System -- Robert Wright and James McGee

March 1995 Technical Articles
51 Drainage Wells - A Dual Purpose -- C.W. Sheffield, Carlos Rivero-deAguilar, and Kevin McCann

April 1995 (Electronic versions of articles for this issue are not available)
20 Controlling Influent Pollutants for Quality Recyclable Effluent -- John R. Parnell
22 Reuse Legislation-What Happened in 1994 -- David W. York and Terry Pride
24 Downflow Anaerobic Filter For Treating Citrus Processing Wastewater -- Douglas W. Fredericks, Thomas P. Hovanec, Douglas E. Foster,and L. Michael Szendry

May 1995 Technical Articles
28 Comparison of Class A and Class B Private Biosolids Stabilization Technologies -- Gerald W. Foess and Douglas Fredericks
30 Molybdenum in Sludge - What's Happening and How Does It Affect Us? --Lynn Green and Tina Helmling

June 1995 Technical Articles
32 Alternatives to Chlorine - Is Ultraviolet Radiation the Answer? -- Ann Farrell and John Burris
34 Sequencing Batch Reactors for Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal -- Kenneth A. Mikkelson and Sara A. Ward
37 Effects of Water Treatment Plant Residuals on Advanced Wastewater Treatment Operations: Dunedin's Experience -- Janice K. Magdziasz and Steven J. Duranceau

July 1995 Technical Articles
26 Program Management-the Miami-Dade Project -- William M. Brant, Armando Rubio, Mark A. Biggers, and Ronald J. Ballard
25 The Many Forms of Energy Conservation -- James Clifton and Russell Kerrigan

August 1995 Technical Articles
4 Kanapaha-Water Reuse Paradise -- Steve Yates, David Richardson, Ed Reagan
23 FSAWWA Water Conservation -- Charles A. Lees
27 Water Reuse in Orange County -- Christopher Brooke and Victor Godlewski Jr.
29 Integrated Resource Planning -- Wendy Nero
31 Orlando Easterly Wetlands -- Jo Ann Jackson, Thomas Lothrop, Mark Sees
32 Automatic Rain Sensing Shut-Off Devices -- Norman Davis
33 Innovative Water Conservation Ratemaking -- Robert Ori and E. Scott Barrington
36 Boca Raton's Project IRIS -- James Chansler and Cindy Martin

September 1995 Technical Articles
30 Integration Of Flood Control, Wetland Habitat, Reuse, Recreational Features and Stormwater Treatment -- Mitchell D. McKnight, Daniel J. Homblette, and Terry W. Liby
32 Soil Adsorption of Zinc According to the Freundlich Isotherm -- James M. Chansler, William G. Lloyd, and Donald R. Rowe
35 The Effect of Chlorination and Ozonation on The Formation of Disinfection By-Products -- Francis E. Duran, Glenn Dunkelberger, and Eugenia Carey
37 Alternative Disinfectants for Hydrogen Sulfide Oxidation and Disinfection -- David Baar, Tim Brodeur, Andre Dieffenthaller, and Brad Jewell

October 1995 Technical Articles
33 Density Currents In Activated Sludge Clarifiers -- Earle Schaller
35 Water Resource Management Planningfor Collier County -- Frederick Bloetscher, Charles W. Walker, W. Kirk Martinand Vicki C. Vaughn
37 Integrated Water Supply SystemPlanning for Cocoa -- Leila R. Goodwin, Herb Raybourn, Bob Bailey,and William Stephenson

November 1995 Technical Articles
14 Water Management District Update -- Patrick J. Gleason and Robert Powell
33 Biofilters: An Alternative Approach toHydrogen Sulfide Removal -- Kiera S. Fitzgerald, Doug G. Harris and David Kowalski
35 Biofilters For Control of WastewaterLift Station Odors -- Armand LeBeau and Darrell Milligan
37 Wastewater Nitrate Removal by Power Conservation -- Leonardo D'Angelo

December 1995 Technical Articles
23 Full-Scale Implementation of a Carbonic Acid Aeration System for Hydrogen Sulfide Removal --Tamara Richardson, Steven J. Duranceau, David Laliberte,and G. Robert Dehler
25 Comparative Economics of Membrane Softening and Lime Softening for Florida's Colored Groundwaters -- Robert A. Bergman
28 Evaluation of Color Removal Techniques for Highly Colored Groundwater -- Nigel Grace, Aaron Googins, Glenn Dunkelberger,Mike Scottie, and Jerry Baker